Good Amp for 2 15'' Kicker L7's?

I'm getting 2 15'' Kicker L7 subs and I am looking for a good amp to put to them.

I would like something not too glorious priced and I wanna know how many watts I should be looking for and what brand for the amp.

yea the 2500 will punish them but it's expensive... but as they say you carry what you pay for... i would go for hifonics brutus 2600 or autotek 2000 these are pretty resonable and powerful amps.. obedient luck!
kicker zx2500.1

this amp is perfect for a pair of 15" l7s

even tho the subs are 1000rms

they can manipulate the 1250 given off by the amp each without fault, this is the recommended amp for 2 of these subs

they will POUND with this amp

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