What's the best brand of dog food to nurture a pregnant, small breed dog?

Its a good theory to feed them the hill's science diet for small breed puppies, because it has sizeable quantities of the necessary calories, vitamins and nutrients that a pregnant and nursing dog obligation.
These are all foods that are low quality, that you should never bring back. All grocery store brands will be low quality.
Ol' Roy
Mighty Dog
Royal Canin
Science Diet
Bill Jac
Black Gold
Goodlife Recipe
Pro Plan
Western Family Brands
Kibble N' Bits
Nutro Max
Nature's Recipe
Natural Life
Pet Promise
These are all totally low quality foods.

Here are some ok foods. They are better than grocery store brands but not as good as really big quality ones.
Canidae All Life Stages
Blue Buffalo
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul
Fromm Four Star
California Natural
Blue Organics

Here are some Great quality foods.
Wellness CORE
Timberwolf Organics
GO Natural
Artemis Maximal Dog
Blue Wilderness
Horizon Legacy
Solid Gold Barking at the Moon
Taste of the Wild

When looking for a exotic dog food, look at the ingredient list. Avoid any food with Grain, Wheat, Soy, Corn, By-Products, Corn Glueton
And get sure that at least the first 2 ingredients are Meat.
Here is a website that can help 4 stars is a suitable dog food, 5 stars is a great dog food, 6 stars is an excellent dog food and stars 3, 2, and 1 are low quality dog foods.

If you are switching to a high point brand, switch slowy, as it is rich. Over at least a 10 day time.

Make sure you feed Dry Dog Food it helps verbs their teeth. Wet on occasions is fine though.

Before following your Vets recomendation on food. Keep this in mind. Vets bring back very little to no nutrinal training in Vet School. And what they do procure is sponsored by Pet Food Compaines. Like Hill's Science Diet.
And they get paid to market their food.

And before you think that the food is too expensive to buy focus of this.
Your saving money in Vet Bills then on. And some dogs can have allergies to corn, and that will cost money to go to your Vet and stuff.
You usually have to feed smaller number higher quality food afterwards you would of low quality food. Because High Quality Food fills them up faster. Also stools are more firm, smaller quantity smelly and they usually go less normally.

Their coats are more pretty and they have more energy on a high-ranking quality food.

Raw Diets and Home Made Diets are also another choice. Each one should be througly researched though before trying. So you do it right and enjoy the right nutrional value for your dog.

Since she is pregnant. Look at the ingredient label. And choose something to be precise high in protein.

The dog food Wild and Natural have a high protein source. But I'm not sure how good that food is.

Hope I help!
And Good Luck finding a great dog food! Source(s): Researched Dog Food.
I feed my pregnant girls, and pups, and adult, and senior dogs etc indistinguishable thing; a RAW diet of meaty bones, meat and organs. They eat chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish (tinned and raw), eggs and heaps of kangaroo as welll as diverse organs such as heart, liver and kidneys.

A pregnant dog will need her food intake increased by the sixth week and by the end of pregnancy may have need of several meals a day. Those pups can help yourself to up a lot of room.

If you aim to feed something like 2/3 meat including heart and the rest a combination of meaty bones and organs your girl will have everything she needs to grow fine pups. Source(s): Dogs are Carnivores" An article clearly explaining the physiological reasons behind this classification and the effects of feed inappropriate foods (much of this information is relevant for cats too)
A feeding guide published by Dr Tom Lonsdale, a vet who advocate raw feeding and have been widely published
A website debunking some of the oodles myths regarding raw feed and bones.
science diet or iams...... all other dog foods such as purina and doesn`t matter what else is out there has to much "crap" within it... you can always call around and see what vet have to say.. they may ask you to bring the dog surrounded by "which you should if she's expecting" see what the vets tell you.. but Science diet is adjectives my animals get Source(s): My vetranarian

science diet and Iams are crap, heres a site with the top ten dog foods.

here is a site in gentle for a pregnant dog

I like the royal canine dog food or the brand eagle has a perfect one for pregnant and nursing dogs.you can get this at petsmart I don't feed my dogs anything near any by products in it that stuff they put in approaching purina,alpo,Iams pretty much any crap you can by from walmart thats not good healty dog food for your dog you should see if you have a local nurture store for pets good luck to you

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