What brand of veggie burger is better? Boca or Morningstar? I haven't tried any.?

and I am about to go to the store and buy a box of one of them. I am trying to really cut down on concrete meat. but I want something that really does taste good. Also, if you hold any other suggestions that would be great..
Personally, I find that it depends which kind of veggie burger you have it in mind.

The Boca "Bruschetta" burgers are fantastic, but as far as black bean burgers go, Morningstar wins that hand down. I'm really not fond of the usual "veggie burger" because it seems like no event what company it is, they just throw a patty of vegetable protein together and ring it a "burger". I would stick to the specific flavors, because at least you know what you're getting yourself into!

As for other products, if you can find Boca Bratwurst, those are amazingly good. Quorn brand "Chick'n" nugget are also a favorite; I have to double and triple check the box sometimes to convince myself that I'm not eating the actual thing! The same goes for Nate's Gourmet Vegan Meatballs; if you buy the Italian sensitive and douse them in tomato sauce, it's almost eerie how much they weakness like the real point!

All and all, it's a game of trial and error. I suggest raiding your grocery store's test of vegetarian food and giving a little bit of everything a try; I've be a vegetarian for 2 1/2 years now and I'm still surprised every once contained by a while.

Congrats on eating less meat, by the route, and good luck! :) Source(s): Personal experience, 2 1/2 years worth.
Of those, I prefer the morningstar. I think the Boca smells bad-like cooked dog food. I do love the Boca lasagna, though.
Amy's Burgers are the best. However, if you want something that does not have adjectives those ingredients you can't pronounce and is healthier for you, make your own. There are a ton of different recipe you can find my simply googling "veggie burger recipe." I make a ton at a time and freeze the rest for a quick lunchtime later on. Making your own is also much cheaper than buying a box of 4 for $4-5.
Neither one. We've tried lots of them and the best by far is Dr. Praeger's Tex Mex Veggie Burgers. They are amazingly tasty and good for you, too.


In common, Dr. Praeger's products excel.
They are both good, but different. Morning-Star is more approaching a burger you grilled on the BBQ, it is dryer. Boca is more like a pan fried burger. Both brands are precooked so don't over cook them. They only need to be heated through.

Like Holly mentioned above the Boca Vegan Burger is very close to meat flavor. I've fooled meat eaters next to them.
I prefer MorningStar because it's a little bit cheaper and tastes more approaching vegetables and less like processed meat. The texture is nicer, too. I approaching their selection of vegetarian foods that aren't necessarily meat replacements, such as their breaded spinach and artichoke nugget.. Mm... I also love their "chicken" patties - my meat-eating brother always steals them from the freezer because they're more flavorful than definite meat patties.
I like Morningstar better personally. Actually, the best point they make is the loose "ground beef" substitute. It is killer surrounded by spaghetti sauce or tacos. Seriously, I can use it and my family doesn't even suspect.
If you want a meatier tasting burger, I would suggest getting Vegan Boca Burgers. Those are the ingenious ones. The morningstar ones are more vegetables. They have carrots, mushrooms, pepper, and all kind of vegetables contained by them. They don't really taste anything like meat, but their still pretty correct. I personally like Boca burgers better because I approaching the meatier taste. Just season them with anything burger seasoning you like and grill them. Perfect for spring! If your looking to cut back on adjectives meat, instead of steak try portobello mushrooms. Just soak them in some olive oil and steak seasoning and grill them and they are full of flavour! Morning star also has really good "corn dogs" and "chicken nuggets". My dad is a meat eater and he swears that the "chicken patties" weakness exactly like chicken.
Boca's spicy chickn patties are awesome. Try Amy's burgers. They are much better than anything by boca or morningstar.
I like both and hold eaten them for years. It's a matter of personal nouns, as they come in different flavors. Morningstar's Spicy Black Bean burger is excellent, and everyone I've served them to has like them, even the most carnivorous folks. :) There is also a line called Amy's which is pretty good.
I approaching Morningstar because it is less oily. Boca tend to stick to a non-stick pan if you dont use oil.

Dr. Tex Burgers are also accurate but are very soft in my belief.
I like the Boca brand better. The black bean burger is awesome, it taste nothing like beans. Try it, if you cook it close to a regular burger, you'll love it!
They all are pretty good except the ones made from soy.

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