What is the best brand of dog food available surrounded by India?

Please people suggest only dog food available contained by India. Because I want to make sure its available in the flea market.

My dog is a 8 month old Labrador retriever. At present we feed her Pedigree, it be the food suggested by our vet. But everyone say Pedigree is cheap food and advise us to switch food. Is it true? What is the best dog food available surrounded by India? Please advice.
i think royal canin
Pedigree is CRAP.

I don't really know what foods are over in that, but I know that you can RAW/BARF feed. You use human food, so you can get it at a grocery store, butchers, etc.

Raw Feeding is virtuous. Learn more at:

Never get a dog food with Corn, Soy, and By-Products. But I would also suggest a wheat free dog food. When you renovation your dogs food to a better quality, you will notice these things :
Firmer Stool, Glossier Coat, and better overall strength.

Just because it says "all natural" doesn't be going to that it's good. ALWAYS check the dog food ingredients!

Corn - A low quality filler to be exact in a lot of dog foods, most dogs are allergic to it.

By Products - Anything from Roadkill to euthanized dogs to cow brains! It does *NOT* qualify for a meat source!
no i think pedigree is the best dog food a dog would like (non-veg) or u can nurture it meat or chicken cause i give my dog like peas in a pod food
Pedigree is a really bad dog food! I have no impression what dog foods are available in India but maybe you could google some correct dog foods online and order then online? Good luck!
Definitely agree to stop feed Pedigree.. it is extremely poor quality and the testing on animals that they do is not nice.

If you are not confident to start feed BARF (it will be your responsibility to ensure you feed the correct portions of meat, veg etc.) then try this site for give support to:

costly dog buiscuit
dont buy cheap one
royal canon..
imposing meal
and homemade chicken soup is best
No..Pedigree is biddable.But Do Not give it alone or else your dog will throw up adjectives the Pedigree.So you can either give it near milk and chapattis or Dalia.....that's What I Give to my 4 Labrador dogs....Well,Best food is something it starts from The letter P Well you can find it in adjectives Planet Health Stores....

Good Luck,
pedigree is trash. it has solely about 4% meat and filled next to garbage which the dogs cant digest properly.

i searched plentifully for a good food in hyderabad for my great dane.
the best dog food available within India is Regale. its imported from australia and marketed here,
other foods available surrounded by India which are better than pedigree are nutripet, Iams, eukanoba and royal canin.
the resaon vets recommend pedigree is because they are sponsored by them. u can see a million pedigree posters at any vet clinic. and vets dont hear much in the order of any other brands and they are not educated in nutrition.
and how to know if a food is perfect or bad? - check the ingredients.they are listed according to amount. the first should always be a named meat or meat meal(like chicken or lamb) . it should not own corn - not digested properly and many dogs are allergic to it. all the dog foods available contained by India have corn exept regale. Source(s): my 3 month old great dane pup

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