What is the best Henna Ink brand?

I want to tattoo myself with henna ink... I have dark skin so I need a (safe) Henna ink kit. What is the best apparatus out there that will allow me to do intricate designs on my hand?
I asked a very similar question a few weeks vertebrae. Someone gave me this website...


I LOVE it! They had great service and it works great. I get the smallest kit to just receive started. Its excellent, they even have special oils for sensitive skin, children, and pregnant women.

hope this sustain you! Source(s): http://www.hennacaravan.com/shop/kits.ht…
There are several places you can get great product! I always suggest buying from an artist/supplier fairly than a big box store. You don't know how long the henna has been on the shelf and they don't specialize surrounded by henna. It's a plant so it needs to be a certian level of competence. One of the other answers is excellent with www.hennacaravan.com. I know the owner personally and they own excellent product and professional service. I personally use Jamila brand which I believe they do carry. I acquire these results
That was done with Jamila brand, temptu body paint and zardozi shiny flecks. The henna and glitter you can also get at henna caravan, and the temptu you can carry at http://www.mehandi.com/shop/

And henna is a plant and the 'ink' is actually a tannin that stains the skin. You can find out more about what henna is and how it works, suppliers and artists here:

Good luck and own fun!

Hasina Mehndi & Body Art
You can receive a full henna kit online at Henna Hut, they make their cones to decree. The quality of their henna is excellent and you always achieve a deep rich stain every time. You can even get design thinking from their website and print them out. Source(s): http://www.hennahut.com/henna_tattoo_kit…
go to a hobby store like Michaels, or hobby lobby! They go great stuff to do henna with! ive used the products from Michaels many times and the more expensive ones does not be determined that they are better!

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