What is the best store bought shampoo and conditioner brand(s)?

Ok so what is the best brand of shampoo and conditioner? I buy all my shampoo and conditioner from walmart (i know not that much of quality but i freshly like simple shampoo and conditioner) Is it dove, pantene, aussie? etc. any walmart brand shampoo and conditioner suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

Thank you! :)
Dove is good for skin and curls
I love Aussie sun touched shine, it smells soo good... guava I think. And the products are VERY cheap. I used to use pantene, and I'm never going posterior. Pantene REALLY damages your hair over time, I wouldn't reccomend that. I also enjoy herbal essences, never tried to shampoo and conditioner, but I love their hairspray and mousse so I'm sure the shampoo and conditioner is only as good.
Herbal Essence! I had slightly shorter quill and was trying all these different shampoo and I used the red one, it's for growing fuzz long, anyway it worked and it smells amazing! I forgot about the reason why I picked it and started trying adjectives of them, just for the smell. I buy different ones every time now. I capture compliments on my hair all the time too. Anyone of them does wonders for your down. It's really cheap too. They got every kind surrounded by conditioner and shampoo.
herbal essences smells amazing
tresemme has REALLY upright products
I like John Freida.

I get mine from CVS. They enjoy name brand shampoo & conditioner.
I use Tresemme (Silk & soft) Or w/e its called.
Tresemme keep good oils surrounded by your hair, instead of taking them out.

Shampoo : http://www.tresemme.com/sleek/products/s…

Conditioner : http://www.tresemme.com/sleek/products/s…
aussie is good for your hair but i similar to herbal essences

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