What is the best leather saddle conditioner or grease?

I have a brand new saddle and it is pretty stiff and VERY squeeky! I of late ran out of oil and I be wondering, before I bought anymore, what yalls opinions be on different oils and conditioners. What is the best oil or conditioner to use to net a saddle nice and flexible and NOT squeeky? Tell me if you recommend saddle oil or saddle soap. Also how often should I apply it?
It is an amazing saddle soap and conditioner for every day use. Just apply it after you ride, or once or twice a daytime.
Also, your saddle probably needs broken in plentifully. It takes time, and i know, its frustrating. Hang in in that!
I use Lexol on my saddle at least once every two weeks. It keep the saddle soft, but you might just have to break it surrounded by a bit more. I also use the wipes (Lexol makes some too). Those are really spur-of-the-moment and easy if you are short on time or merely don't want to drag all of your tack cleaning stuff out. If you just just this minute bought the saddle, you might wanna just give it a few more weeks to break it contained by before you go adjectives out and buy more stuff.

you should also wash your saddle with saddle soap just about every two - three weeks. Put the conditioner on after you wash it.

hope this helps! Source(s): my own personal experiecnes beside stiff and squeaky saddles
I use Stubben's Hamanol. Once a week for stiff tack but about once a month to 2 months after that.
I use Lexol conditioner on my saddle and it works great!! Source(s): personal use
i muse this stuff is the best:



it makes your saddle clean and smells apt! just make sure you read the instructions in the past hand... or else you will enjoy a big noticable black spot on your saddle... not the best thing for apperance
I use horsemans one step for quick cleanings.
Its abosolutely amazing, and relitively cheap :)

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