What is the best brand/type AR- 15.?

I looking to buy but I don't want to buy one and end up wishing I have bought a different one.
one word COLT! own several of them
None of them build junk.

You can buy pretty much what you want now.

Don't listen in the region of Colt, however. They have been riding their reputation for far too long, and here are many companies out there who are doing much better work.

A lot of the Colt rubbish comes from soldiers fighting over who got the Colt within the military. That doesn't say much about Colt, considering the certainty that though they had their name on the piece, FN actually made most of them. There have be a lot of great Colt firearms that FN made, and there own been a lot of cast-offs firearms that Colt made.

The civilian market has better firearms. I intuitively own Rock River, but a friend shoots an Olympic Arms, and the thing is rock solid and well made.

Buy what you can achieve your hands on, they are all pretty clothed. Just don't wait around like a vulture trying to pick up a Colt. Another company built their reputation for them, and surrounded by all that waiting, you may never get your AR 15.
Hello cocytus!

I aplaud your decision to get an AR. It may truly be easier to ask which one to avoid, over which one to get! The manufacturer that have the worst reputation for quality, based on my contacts out at Camp Perry (you hear greatly of scuttle but at the Nationals!) is to avoid Quality Hardware ARs!

I have a Colt HBAR Match that I shoot in NRA and CMP Service Rifle match. My Colt has a 1 in 7" container, which is serving me well. This particular rifle have about 3000 rounds through it! I have nonetheless to have a problem with it.

I am building a "space gun" for NRA Match Rifle match, and I am using a Bushmaster lower and a Rock River A4 upper with a 24" varmint barrel. This rifle is still surrounded by the project stage, because of crippling injuries I sustained in a severe MVA 2 years ago. Hopefully, I will be able to return to competition to see how my project works!

I believe the biggest consideration you obligation to make when looking to buy an AR, is your intended use. If you are plinking, any make AR will do. But if you are looking at serious target competition, you want a rifle that will stabilize heavy (70+ grain) bullets at the 600 yard chain. That means, you need a 1 within 7" or 1 in 8" twist cask, When that becomes the case, your choice of manufacturer is severely limited!

Because of my injuries, I have not tempt myself by cruising gun catalogs ... but pre-accident, the only companies that offered "fast twist" barrels (like you will need) be: Colt, Rock River, Frank White [DBA: Compass Lake] (Custom made target rifles) and I believe Eagle Arms.

Sorry, but I can not be of much more help at this point!

Good luck and good shooting! Source(s): Master Class competitive rifleman
Expert Class competitive pistol shot
Reloader of over 124,000 rounds
Over 30 years of firearms and reloading experience
NRA Endowment Life Member
If you are just punching paper/ hunting, I would walk with Rock River, Stag (commercial division of CMT), Bushmaster, DPMS. Make sure it has a true 5.56 chamber, not a .223, a wylde chamber would be polite on a varmint/target rifle.

If you are planning to use it for duty or tactical competitions, I would suggest Colt, LMT, BCM (Bravo Company USA), Sabre Defense. As far as Colt using secondary parts, it is at least in part true, as all AR-15 are made from secondary parts. There is lone around four foundries that produce uppers and lowers. Just check on the left side of all the uppers you hold, I bet you will mostly see a cardinal looking symbol or a keyhole symbol.

m4carbine.net has a chart that shows the standard features of the a variety of manufactures. I would use this chart for reference.

I would stay away from Blackthorne, Olympic, Century, Model-1 etc...
Buy a Remington R-25. theyre a real nice lookin gun with Remington ability. them come in 243. 308. and 7mm-08. you can also buy the R-15 which is basically equal thing but in smaller calibres (223, 204., etc.)

Most AR guys now are saying Rock River is the best bang for the buck. Many manufacturer's produce upright quality AR's. You will likely be comfortable with any AR you purchase as long as you go near one of the highly regarded manufacturer. When I come up with the money, I am going to have a gunsmith I know build me an AR beside a Rock River lower.


i like bushmaster the best
DPMS is a great brand, I own one and never gave me problems even with super cheap ammo, due to my row of work I make sure I have a massively reliable weapon.
dont listen to culture that say Colt right of the bat...they dont even have here own real factory anymore and are using secondary metals and materials...for a accurate gun at a good price you got
Smith & Wesson M&P15T
Stag arms
Sabre arms
Bushmaster (which immediately has the military contract)
Ruger SR-556
and if ya got the money H&K MR556
colt and bush master
I hold a Bushmaster M4A3 and absolutely love it. I have feed it premium Blackhills 77 GR. MK ammo to cheap Malaysian 55 Gr. FMJ and it has NEVER had a problem. It really comes down to what your personal nouns is. One good thing more or less the AR-15 platform is that there is an seemingly endless supply of aftermarket products if you don't resembling the way a stock rifle feels. (Stocks, grips, etc...) I recommend going to a gun show so you can grasp your hands on several different rifles and configurations so you can get an opinion as to what you want. My philosophy is that if you are going to spend that much money on a rifle, get exactly what you want.

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