What brand of bottled pizza sauce is the best out in attendance barnone, such as the ones you find at Stop&Shop?

I like making my own pizzas at home from time to time, and I do make my own pizza dough economically enough and actually do bring in my own marinara sauce but, making the marinara sauce is a bit time-consuming. Once in a while I feel resembling just purchasing the sauce but, I would like to know from you population...which one out there do you think is the best? I'm conversation specifically labeled "Pizza Sauce" ...Not Spaghetti sauce! Thanks!
Get the one at Costco. It's really cheap and good. Source(s): Costco.com
Honestly, I close to regular spaghetti sauce better than the pizza sauce. The pizza sauce is too sweet or something. I use Prego traditional tomato.
I just use ragu as pizza sauce when I make pizza bagels/

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