What brand of hollowpoint bullets is best?

I'm looking for the most modern, best penetrating and best expanding hollowpoint bullets on the civilian market.
Cost is not a factor.
In extraordinary, I'm looking for 40 s&w and 357 magnum.
For bulk manufactured ammo, I resembling Hornady XTP and Remington Golden Sabres as being the best for terminal ballistics and energy deliver to target.

I also like the hot ammo that DoubleTapAmmo.com produces. They have an amazing .357Mag 125gr Bonded Defense round that deliver 1600fps out of a 4-in barrel and 710 ft/lbs of energy. Their .40S&W offerings that are simply as stellar are the 135gr Nosler or the 155gr Bonded Defense rounds.

BOOM baby!
for the .40 I'd recommend Remington Golden Sabre, followed by Speer Gold Dot, then Federal. I'm just not a hanger-on of the Winchester Silvertip, but if you can locate some Black Talons, grab them at any price. You should test several brands not individual for accuracy but to discover any feed problems since its too late.

For the .357, the federal 125gr. is a proven stopper, without high-tech bells & whistle that drive up cost
the best in my opinion be the black talons but due to ammunition restrictions u cant own those anymore, that being said im a silvertips fan
For the .40 I would recommend the Federal HST ammo, intermingle below:

For the .357 if you can find a box of the old Winchester Black Talons, they by all method get those. Source(s): http://le.atk.com/general/federalproduct…
just scroll down and look at the pictures
Best is so subjective. Most of the modern premium hollow points from any of the major manufactures are more later good enough. I'll articulate I like Hornady's XTP/JHP because they have a broad range in velocity that they will function (open up) at. Both hurriedly and slow. That being said both my Kimber & S&W revolver like Remington Golden Saber BJHP the best, shooting to point of aim and tight group size. So I use the Golden Saber.
* Winchester, Federal, Barnes, and Remington Brands.* Source(s): * Run like a Deer.*..............Fly similar to an Eagle.*~~
Everyone so far has really great suggestions, however, I'm wondering why nobody yet have mentioned the Speer Gold Dot?
Gold Dot's are among the very best hollowpoints and are currently the #1 most used hollowpoint for law enforcement agencies across the country.

My top 5 inventory of favorite Hollowpoints is as follows:
1. Speer Gold Dots
2. Barnes XPB
3. Hornady XTP
4. Remington Golden Sabres
5. Winchester Silvertips
Winchester silver tips and Remington Golden Saber

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