Best Massage Oil for Sex?

So my girlfriend and I are having a special night alone in the past I head back to academy for 9 months. She has always said that I offer the best back massage and I be wondering what is the best massage oil to use to return with her in the right mood for having sex? Department store brands? Or Any other helpful of brands?
Save it.
The economys bad and you should put a ring on it back "hitting it."


If you love her enough to have sex near her, you should love her enough to get married to her first and commit to her.
first you seize a small bowl and a spoon. crush up a few ecstacy pills in to a powder and then mix near bella massage oil. message her hindmost and message her buttox and insert some oil rectally therefore the ecstacy will immediately be in her body.
Victorias hush-hush messaging oil! Oh my, it tastes so well brought-up. Don't like drink it, but you can kiss her and it taste yummmy!
Even though it's babe oil, it's really good for massage. but it depends on there your location is. If there are any filipino stores in the neighbourhood, or aisan stores? go get johnsons.
i similar to what "Lisa" has to say. LMAO that be awesome
victoria's secret has massage oil
Check out Kama Sutra.
They own great products.
Try olive oil with sugar. Great.
?? dont have sex
put some colone on, massage her in a bed, next slowly make you move
KY massage oil
idk your first answer!

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