What is the best lash-darkening mascara?

I am looking for a length-darkening mascara. What are some good brands? What works for you? Cheap (but effective) length-darkening mascara would be great, too.

Thanks in mortgage!
I just use any old black mascara
but ehh try "natural" false eyelashes
e.l.f. have some you can get them anywere though
Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara. Hands down the best mascara I've used professionally and individually. Source(s): Former Make up artist.
Lash Blast Waterproof is great at increasing volume in the lashes as well as make them longer too. I have one myself and it took my forever to find a cheap mascara that works as well as this does.
try lash 360 by No.7 i find its great on me

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