Best grocery store brand dry cat food?

my cats approaching the one year mark and over the course of this year he started eating drizzly till it could no longer sustain his appetite, so i started to mix in dry food, but then he started to reject the showery food and i havent been able to find him to eat wet food since. Ive be feeding him Iams Kitten formula since its the only KItten dry cat food i could find at my grocery store, but very soon hes almost an adult and im wondering what may be a healthier alternative of dry food for him? I dont have a car and any vet bureau brands are out of the questions, theyre just too far out of the style for me, my options are any brand sold in london drugs, local grocery store (Thriftys is closest but i can bus it out a bit farther to resembling save on and stuff) um, also a zellers is close, and if i go really out of my mode theres a Wal-mart and a Petsmart. What is the healthiest possible option of dry commercial cat food?? since the store ive listed im pretty sure dont get rid of speciality brands. I'm looking for health, high protein low excess weight and corn fillers. i know they suck commercial brands but whats the best of the worst of my options.

Iams adult cat food is OK. But introduce it slowly into his diet mixing it surrounded by larger amounts with kitten foods. Also ensure that there is ALWAYS plenty of WATER for him to drink.

I own always fed my pet on Iams and enjoy found it an excellent pet food.

Hope this helps Source(s): Aging cat lover
This is probably the best supermarket brand, Chicken Soup For the Cat Lover's Soul:


or, Newman's Own:…

It really would be best for your cat though if you could get him fund on an all canned diet. Please read this so you will take in why:

You should also be aware that you can mail order merely about any kind of cat food you want. You do enjoy to pay the shipping, of course, but if you decree a lot at a time the shipping cost is proportionately less.

Update: Here is one of the tons sites from which you can order online:…

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