What is the best type of ethernet cable?

so basically i finally decided to set up my xbox for xbox live deplorably my router is about 85 feet from my xbox so i call for to buy a longer Ethernet cable. Im just wondering do some ethernet cables in truth perform better than others, such as certain brand or model. Can anyone relief me clarify this?
an ethernet cable is an ethernet cable, doesn't matter which brand. Get a cat5, I speak that cause cat5 is what most things come with and cat6 is more expensive and doesnt give a hand in this situation
There are a couple of things you should ask the salesman:
What is the internal RESISTANCE of the wire and that is measured by the Ohms per foot. The lower the resistance, the longer you can run your CAT5.
If it is a shielded series of cable. The reason? You would have smaller amount interference from outside electrical interference(such as CB's, Cell phones, etc.).
Get quality connectors.
For that application I would use UTP, solid (no stranded, no need for shielded cable any IMO).
I would recommend Cat 5e or 6a (no 5 or 6, the first isn't a standard anymore, the second won't be for long).
5e gives 1 Gbps, 6a gives 10 Gbps, if you necessitate PoE, that lowers throughput to 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps, respectively. However, the cable must be properly terminated according to the norms to meet the specifications.

Solid cable is used between the patch panel and the background points.
If you consider the patch panel to be overkill, you can install an data point.
From there, you use patch cords, to the switch and computer respectively.
For patch cords, notes points, patch panels, jacks and connectors, AMP is a good brand.
For TP (and coaxial) cable, ask for Belden.

85 foot is well in the norm, up to 100 meters is allowed counting the solid cable (up to 90 meters) and the two patch cords (up to 10 meters combined of stranded cable).
The brand does matter so much, they are adjectives pretty similar. But I highly recommend going for Cat-6 or Cat-5e rated cable. Do not use Cat-5 or below. All ethernet/patch cable should give their category rating on the packaging.

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