Yogurt that contains live cultures of Lactobacillus?

I need to find one, need to know the brand and what shop i can go and get it. Apparently it cant be frozen or it wont be containing the lactobacillus. I need this to help near my diarrhea iv had it since since friday although since wednesday i havent been consciousness to good (easily fatigue) but since friday i have have to plant myself on the bog every half hour to an hour. i hardly get the energy to get out of bed so if you could recommend a well-mannered yogurt and where exactly i can get it ego be really grateful.

Live in UK, london. closest shops are morrisons,iceland and waitrose.
Maybe try Stonyfield Organic Plain Yogurt - see below.

If you have diarrhea (in my opinion), dairy is the impressively last thing you want to be intake.

However, a number of experts do say that alive cultures in yogurt can ease the symptoms of some types of diarrhea.

The problem is, most commercial yogurts that promote themselves as have “live cultures” are also full of added sugar, colours and preservatives – you need to avoid these things if you have diarrhea.

And most commercial yogurts are pasteurised and pasteurisation kill off the good germs. So a lot of the hype is just marketing.

I found this information on the internet for the UK and USA:

“Although most brands of yogurt do not record the amount of live and active cultures on the label, you can look for brands beside the National Yogurt Association's Live and Active Culture seal, which must contain at least 100 million alive cultures per gram.

In a 4 ounce pack of yogurt, that should equal about 10 billion colony forming units, so ingestion 1-2 packs of yogurt a day should be give or take a few equivalent to what the children got in most of the studies.

Another mode to give your children Lactobacillus is to have him whip acidophilus supplements. These are commercially available in powder, liquid, medication, or chewable tablets and they generally have more or less 1.5 billion colony forming units per teaspoon”.

Stonyfield Organic claim to sell plain yogurt that contains illustrious levels. And it also appears that Waitrose supermarkets sell this brand.

Other forms can be found within:

Homemade Kefir - can be made from milks such as, cow, goat, sheep, coconut, soy and rice.

Fermented Cabbage / Sauerkraut - must be homemade, as the preservatives added to commercial jars will kill sour friendly bacteria

Raw dandelion leaves

I have found the best things to clear diarrhea are:

Keeping hydrated near plenty of room temperature filtered hose.

Keeping hydrated with plain fresh homemade vegetable juice (i.e.) celery liquid or carrot juice.

Keeping hydrated with plain herbal teas

Consuming chia nut gel (consume it by adding it to water or vegetable juice)

Totally avoid alcohol, soda, caffeine, milk, meat, dairy, sugar, grain, etc....

Personally, I would do a raw fresh homemade vegetable juice hurried and avoid solid food. But if you must eat, stick to mashed ripe bananas, grated apple or dry plain toast.

Diarrhea can recurrently be a sign of an underlying problem. So if it carries on much longer, better to see a doctor.

That is actually the one you do not want when your have that problem, believe me, and yougart of sorts is not good for a queasy stomach, you might well hold to take up residence in the "bog", I would merely find a regular low fat yougart, nothing next to fruit, vanilla or plain.

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