What Is The Best Urine/Waste Odor Eliminator For Carpets?

I have a puppy who I am trying to potty train right now and she sometimes have accidents. I know that dogs like to jump where they can smell they have peed or pooed since, so I want to get a cleaner that will completely eliminate the smell from the hearth rug. The cleaner I have now eliminate the odor for me, but apparently she can still smell it, since dogs have a keen sense of smell. I hold read about enzymatic cleaners that can eliminate the smell but I am unsure roughly speaking what brand to buy. At the pet store there are so many brands and I'm not sure what exactly to look for.

I own also heard about using vinegar to find rid of the smell, but I don't want my carpet smelling like vinegar anymore than I want it to smell close to pee or poop.
Use poop.Should work.
Dilute the vinegar I swear it works and the smell of vinegar fades quick and the pee smell is gone gone.

Most products can take care of both stain and odor surrounded by one squirt. There are several products to choose from. Check this out:

urine gone

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