Flutes: is a yamaha 271 better than a sterling brand?

which is better: yamaha 271 flutes, or, sterling flutes? explain please. it's for an 8th grade student, not playing that much, just for an surrounded by school band. adjectives answers appreciated. kthanksbye.
I would say it's a very moral flute. That's the top of the line student level instruments for Yamaha, however is this her first flute and is she going to play contained by high school?

If she's newly doing this for 8th grade, in 8th title I had the Yamaha 221 series and I just get my new Brio 2.4 professional level flute this year(my sophomore year). I also have the 221 since I was in 5th class. So I would say yes to the 271 IF she's not going to play in glorious school.

If she's just immediately learning how to play flute like this is her first flute, I'd turn with that one or the 221 because the 271 is an a french style flute and as you can close the holes, you're dealing with things close to the split E mechanism. As this makes it easier to play dignified E natural it can mess up the sound of other transcription.

Now if she's played before, plans on playing in high-ranking school I would look at the intermediate level instruments or bite the bullet and jump for a more expensive professional level instrument (much like brio is what I have) A flute though I would suggest is Brio B20 Intermediate flute ( http://www.wwbw.com/Brio-B20-Series-Inteā€¦ This is what you want IF she's played flute formerly for a while, and is going to play in high university. Plus my flute teacher says brio is the best she believes currently out near for a tight budget.

So I hope this helps you out some.

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