What are some honourable jewelry brands (for teen girls?)?

Since I had a lot of little girl ish jewelry from Claire's when I be young, I want to start building up a collection. It was kinda started by my Grandma giving me diamond stud earrings she have had for a long time and a gold bracelet that's an heirloom, and since I've be into jewelry.
My favorite is Betsey Johnson, and I like some Juicy Couture stuff (not the more juvenile stuff)
Can you recommend any other brands?
Tiffany & Co. is pretty popular among teens, it's a classic and is pretty elegant to me. I also see lots of teen girls wear those Chanel earrings, but those are even pricier than Tiffany.
We get our jewelry from World Swimwear because it is qulaity made in the USA beside USA materials. Affordable and unique designs.
Well for cheap cute teen jewelry you may try forever 21,H&M and icing, this will include cute colorful plastic jewelry
For more formal jewelry that is for an O.K. price try macys,J.Crew and Ann Taylor it is more sosphicated and is a touch higher priced
For jewely on the more expensive side try Pandora or Tiffany&Co.,Kay Jewelrs,Jared Jewelrs,Nordstroms and any other specified stores.It will provide you with more durable longer durable sosphicated jewelry

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