Mazuri's lab blocks for rats?

I've recently switched my rats from a seed diet to Mazuri lab blocks, but after doing some snooping today realize that it's probably not the best thing to be feeding them. It contains alfafa and greatly of corn, not to mention being very giant in protein (23%). I cannot buy things off the internet or mix together my own diet (no Total cereal surrounded by Canada, don't know where to buy puffed rice or wheat), so what are the alternatives? Petsmart is the only place that sell lab blocks, and Mazuri is the only brand they carry. None of the smaller pet stores market anything designed for rats.

Is Mazuri okay, or should I switch to something?
Zupreem large parrot/bird Natural Blend or Fruit Blend (yummier) is a great substitute for lab blocks for rats. This is because Zupreem has Vitamin E surrounded by it instead of regular preservatives which are unhealthy (found in lab blocks). I don't know if you enjoy Petcos where you live but that is where on earth I buy mine. Any bigger pet store should sell it (even in giant lots upon request). Source(s): My friend Nat, a veterinarian
Just use your own food and maybe 25% mazuri. You've got fruits and veggies and chicken and adjectives that good stuff. Puffed rice is just rice krispies, but why not valid cooked rice? No preservatives in real rice.

There are not masses foods to avoid except sweet potatoes, apple seeds, orange liquid, orange peel, peanuts, iceberg lettuce, sugary and unripe food.
Hey, I live in Canada too so I understand your delema. I know you are trying to pass your rats the very best, as do I, but on the rat forums we have agreed that we do the best we can next to what is available to us, and that's all we can do.

Harlan Teklad lab blocks are the best there is but you stipulation to know that if you use this product you are supporting the use of rats for animal experimentation. This, and the fact that it would cost me an arm and a leg to get it, prevents me from using this brand of lab blocks.

I don't buy foods past its sell-by date the internet either but I do make up plentifully of mixes.

I give my rats a huge variety of human foods, squirrel food, dog biscuits, horse feed, the Debbie Ducommun Diet, the Shunamite's Rat Diet, the Suebee Diet, the Spaz Rats' Diet, a variety of commercial rodent diets including extruded diets like Hagen Nutriblocks, Nutro-lite dog food, and the enumerate goes on.

Keep in mind that if you use pip mixes like rodent foods and bird foods the rats will pick out what they want and waste the rest. A lot of consume. For this reason I find parrot foods means of access too expensive.

I substitute the Total Cereal with Vector Cereal, and I buy my puffed rice and puffed wheat at Safeway or Super Store.

If Mazuri is what is available to you, then you use Mazuri.

Harlan Teklad lab blocks…
Mazuri blocks…
(btw, that's a mouse pictured contained by front of the bag of rat food, geez louise)
Debbie D. Diet
Shunamite Rats' Diet
Suebee Diet
Spaz Rats' Diet…
Hagen Nutriblocks……
Nutro lite dog food…
Vector Cereal…
Puffed Rice (not rice krispies)…
Puffed Wheat…

"my life have gone to the Rats"
Mazuri is fine, just supplement near veggies and a bit of fruit and protein for added nutrients.

There are different Mazuri's as well if you luck out and live close to a feed supply store. When I cannot capture Harlan Teklad I buy Mazuri 6F (16% protein), but if you can find Hagen Nutri-blocks the members on our Canadian rat forum, looked into it and the ingredients are good for rats.

You cannot find puffed wheat or rice within the cereal aisles? I live in Canada too and there are alternatives to Total. Suebee herself (she's a mod on Goosemoose) suggests crushing up a children's vitamin beside the food instead.
i asked this same examine and most of the people said yes so im getting should too
Mazuri is fine but I like to buy a bag of hamster/rat food along near it and mix the two together.

Im talking about the mazuri pellet that are cylindrical not squares.

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