Which is better GE or Whirlpool?

Which brand do you think makes more innovative and reliable appliances? GE or Whirlpool? I am going to start remodeling my condo/townhouse and Lowes sell Whirlpool, not GE and Home Depot sells GE not Whirlpool. So I cannot really have a salesman on appendage to make comparison suggestions. I am getting a fridge, dishwasher, stove or cooktop, overhead microwave, and front loading washer and dryer. For resale purposes I want all the brands to contest. Also, I have checked out LG, pretty stuff, but the few people I know that purchased it are already have problems. I am a mother of 2 kids so these appliances will be used alot and I do not have time for anything beside regular maintence. The occasional breakdown I understand, but overall I want something that will at least possible last me 10 years that is reliable and have a good reputation. Any repairmen out there discern free to give me your opinion also. I close to GE's innovations in thier cooktops & fridges, but I like WHirlpool's steam washer!
Whirlpool, GE repairs are more frequent.
Contact me for info.
When my 3 yr frail GE stove went out, the repairman told me that all of these brands are made by alike company. All they do is change features on some models & add their logos. The part is the same for all of them. I'm apt to believe him. I used to work within a meat processing plant, the difference between $5. a lb. bacon & $1.29 bacon? There is none. Just has a different label. Go beside what you like & has the features you want, but produce sure you keep the warranty going. Like most things these days, characteristic isn't the bottom line anymore.
I like Whirlpool but GE is ok. If I have to buy one right now it would probably be a whirlpool.
GE does have more repairs..I would influence either way, draw from the extended warranty..Cant tell you how many times things break right after their one year warranty is up...Mine did it on me, and I used to work for a service shop too..This is most frequently the skin...Also, they all use each other's parts..parts is parts..
Just some info, our Lowe's also sell GE. I just bought all trial appliances. I love my GE gas stove and microwave. I also really like my washer and dryer, but GE's dishwashers have not gotten suitable reviews even from my Home Depot salespeople. I bought the Bosch dishwasher and love it. But I also bought a Kenmore elite refrigerator, although I also looked strongly at GE, they just didn't own what I wanted in the price breadth I wanted. LG is still debatable. I know culture who have had plentifully of problems with them. Whirlpool is also reliable, so maybe you should be in motion with whomever you like best.
whirlpool is better because it have a long life
I close to General Electric. If you like the Whirlpool steam washer, buy it. The best thing would be to shop around and compare prices/features/warranty and kind a decision.

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