Best Revolver Single Action and Double Action?

I don't own a gun so this will be my first. I really like the Single Action Revolvers that resemble the old west guns, but i deduce the importantance of the double action for home defense. This gun will be a gun to take to the scale as well as home defense. Do you think i can return with this with a single action revolver? If so what are some models you recommend. I looked at the Uberti models but don't know much almost them or other brands. If you have some thoughts on good Double Action guns that would be great to hear too. Basically any recommendation would be great. Thanks!
You really don't need double action. the trigger never pulls as assured as you think it would. A single action is fine for home guard. I love old west style too. I am going to buy the ruger new model single six.…

Old west style. It'll second forever. You can take it to the range your adjectives life, and it'll still be strong when you pass it on to your pompous kids. Source(s):…
I have to go beside the above poster, I like the security six 357 Mag. IMHO, S&W are overpriced. I own a M29 44 Mag, nice but too robust to lug around Alaska in addition to a rifle.

However, since you are spanking new to firearms and you are unlikely to find a new security six, the Ruger GP100 is a nice gun.
Single action= Ruger Single Six......Double Action= Smith & Wesson Revolver in 357 Magnum with 4" firkin, Stainless, because you can also shoot 38's in a 357 Magnum.* It is a no nonsense man stopper. comfortable to shoot & transport.* Use 125 grain Jacketed Hollow Points for self-defense ammo.* You get two (2)* Handguns for the price of one when you buy the 357 Magnum.* Source(s): Fly approaching an Eagle.*
Ruger seems to kind the toughest single action revolvers. They also make righteous double actions. But believe it or not, Taurus has the smoothest trigger exploit on any out-of-the-box revolver.

For the most part, though, any double action next to an exposed hammer can be fired as a single action, too.

A home defense guns should be a shotgun. There is other the danger of a bullet penetrating a wall or door and you crisscross up killing a neighbor or someone passing the house. A shotgun give you the most at close range and you have smaller quantity chance of overpenetration. My preference would be ashort vat 12 ga pump. But an alternative you might try would be the Taurus Judge chambered for the .410 ga. Some people may poo-poo the .410 but in close fonfines of a house, it is dangerous. You also have the option of firing a .45 colt round out of indistinguishable pistol. Source(s):
a single action gun will work for self defense, but as you correctly surmise, it isn't the best choice. Still, any gun will send the discouraging guy running 9 times out of 10. What is probably more important is if you are packing a solid caliber.

I'd rather own a single action revolver in 45 colt than a double achievement revolver in .22LR for home defense.

I strongly recommend you get a atmosphere framed double action revolver, 4 inch barrel or greater, beside adjustable sights chambered in .357 magnum. See, a 357 magnum can also fire .38 specials. This provides relatively inexpensive and low recoil target catalogue ammunition, and you can load .357s for home defense.

You want a medium gun for it's adjectives around good handling characteristics. Just like the 3 bear, it isn't too big and it isn't too small, it is JUST RIGHT. You want at least a 4 inch barrel because longer barrels more effectively utilize adjectives the gunpowder so you get better performance AND because longer barrels build lining up the sights more precise, so you shoot better. Adjustable sights are great for target guns, and are fine for self defense guns. About the only exception to this would be if you be concealing a very small gun in a pocket or something and be worried abou the sights snagging when you drew it. Of course most medium framed 4 inch guns aren't carried in the pocket, even when concealing they are typically carried in a holster on the belt or possibly a shoulder rig. In both those cases, no worries about the front verbs snagging provided you get something other than a totally cheap bargin underground store holster
Thre is no better single action than today's Ruger Single action revolvers. They can lift hot holds and are not fragile like the Colts. They can also be carried safely near 6 rounds due to the transfer bar gears. As far as double actions are concerned, ten years ago, I would have said S&W, but not anymore. I would stay near the Rugers.
Taurus 22 Magnum 4" firkin is a very good choice contained by a revolver. cheap and they have a life time unlimited fix policy
any article goes wrong with the gun as long as you own it they will repair it near no charge. Even if you are a second owner.
what they sell is what they repair free!!
P.S. They also sell it within a 22 LR model. Check out, They have alot of DA revolvers
Your grill shows advanced intelligence and insight! You are therefore worthy of the advanced designs of Ruger handguns. I individually have used a 4" Security Six 357 Magnum (tuned) very successfully for woods-ambush style deer hunting, using 158 pellet JHP full power loads. Their more modern models are even better. (Such deer hunting resembles real world combat situations, except that the deer seldom shoot back!) I find that totalling rubber grips aids the total accuracy situation of any powerful handgun by reducing distractions. For home defense, many 38+p low wall access loads are available, and will of course chamber and fire just fine surrounded by a 357 Magnum. Low power target loads for the range are supurbly accurate. The 4" barrel works out powerfully in a side holster when sitting down, but a 6" would not. Conversely, the 6" would be intrinsically more accurate and powerful when hunting, and score better at the range. I too like the big single undertaking models (also made by Ruger, also with the modern proprietary design improvements not visible from a few foot away), for the old west motif, and lack of feel recoil in the Magnums, as they tend to roll contained by the hand instead of bite it! The slower response time because of having to cock it first for every shot, is counter by there tending to be more controlled fire lower than heated situations, the double actions mixed with adrenaline regularly resulting in a lot of manic shots hitting unintended targets. The practiced single action owner have proven to be at no particular disadvantage in defending situations, by long-term statistics of various such social encounters. Also Aunt Nellie won't see a cop/gangsta symbol, but John Wayne sayin' "Howdy Maam!" All for very soon. Check my blog for lots more details. Regards, Larry.
A single action is probably not the best choice for self-defense, but it will work. Ruger probably make the best single actions today, and it can be had contained by .45 Colt and other cartridges which would be good defense calibers.
Smith & Wesson is probably the best double-action revolver, and .357 magnum would be the best caliber. You can get one that fires 7 or 8 shots, it's the most impressive defensive caliber, and you can use the much lower-powered and cheaper .38 Special ammo for practice.
Single Action; Ruger all the way. Others including Beretta single if you want it to look like an old west gun and the Vaquero isn't plenty.

Double action; I own and shot a S&W 686 in .357 magnum next to a 4" barrel. Great firearm, but the best I've ever shot Colt Python.
Pikey , go for the Ruger Vaquaro single action within 45 long colt.It is a known fact single appointments are the most accurate and ya can get handloads in the 45 mag incentive a Ruger will handle it( I have mine near the mag loads for home defense cause they will knock a perpertrator 6 ft back and verbs out of their shoes. Cowboy action shoots have proven that a single bustle with the right practice can outshoot a double action( Check out the Outdoor Channel when the one guy shows how it can be done.) But for home defense nothing beat a shotgun with a short barrell. Reason being is adjectives ya got to do is point and fire and it takes out any standard distance door using either 00 or 000 shells. I have both
a single action for home defense is not impossible, but not good. when u are stressed and may be nervous it is not graceful to aim and cock the hammer back at like time. smiths are the best, and i'm sorry to say, there is a judgment cowboy guns are not in use for anything other than fun today, however, they still can execute. john r ( a commenter on your page) made a good point. ruger makes great single schedule and great guns. but what do u want to use it for? for a defense weapon, get a smith or tauras. people deliberate that taurus sucks, but they are not bad and reasonably priced. blah bllah blah sorry, but if u want to hold fun with a gun, get a cowboy conduct ruger, but todays revolvers do the same thing, but can be fired lacking pulling the hammer back first. i own a m44 mosin nagant 4 fun, it it inpractical, but fun. draw from a modern 357 4 fun, and u can still cock the hammer back for the cowbay motion. have fun, and happy shooting. guns rock!

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