Cheapest to most expensive makeup brand?

What are some good brands that you would recommend using (and why obviously) and what is the price range usually?
E.LF. ----
everything is lone $1!! except for minerals which are only a few bucks more. great value too. importantly recommended, especially if you wanna experiment with colors and stuff, and need one within your car and house and purse, you can do all this next to the cheap price and good value.
Cheapest best would be Loreal. They hold this new line call HIP and it is Awesome!! Anything cheaper than that is a waste of virtuous earned money. There fluid line is better than MAC. They enjoy eye shadows that are highly pigmented and there Voluminous Mascaras are the best around.

The most expensive makeup i.e. the best would be Chanel. There lipsticks cost 26 dollars a tube!

Now the happy medium would be MAC. I use and love MAC makeup they enjoy the best and largest selection of eye shadows and highly pigmented and end forever. Their eyeliners are long lasting! There face products are flawless. The lipsticks are gorgeous and come contained by a million different shades! The Mascaras are awesome and don't clump, and adds volume and lengthen. They hold wonderful skin care products. MAC is awesome!
I love MAC and i estimate it is very resonablily priced
I love discoloration. makeup. It's of great quality and very affordable. They hold a great selection of products and shades. Prices range from $4 to $18. And, imperfection. also has great clothing and accesories for less than $30. My favorite products are the hook up because you can choose from a wide open variety of products to hook together like lip add footnotes to, lip balm, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, gel blush, etc.; and you can carry them with you anywhere, even contained by your pocket. You can get mark. products here:
walk to sephora they have all of these brand that the populace are saying above me an dthey arent that expensive
i significantly reccomend smashbox, hard candy, and toofaced. but my fave is hard candy so i'm basically gonna do that one!
hard candy: LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand! their products are fun and look great and work fantastically- a lipgloss is anywhere from 10-16 and everything else is around 15-30 depending on what it is... or sephora stores
also a word of advice: buy online, they enjoy sales constantly but buy when you see things because their products constantly run out of stock or stop production. also they have vegan.
i used to use Mary Kay the only makeup and cleansers, the with the sole purpose thing that wouldn't break me out. but the older i enjoy gotten (i am 30 now) my face and skin has changed ( i own also lost 60 pounds) and it wasn't working very well . I am extremely light complected but have glow on cheeks, one night watching a info commercial, i saw a make up call Bare Essentials. no creams or foundations, powder form, but minerals made from the earth, it hides my rosiness and i can sleep in it and don't get break outs. i am a accomplice of their club so i get my makeup sent to me every 2 months and it is 39.99 but they can draft it out of your bank depiction if u like and can have 1999 taking out surrounded by the beginning of month and rest at the end.. Source(s):
i3 bobbi brown, nars, hard candy,
and mac. prices range give or take a few 20-70.
bobbi brown has nice colors for eyeshadow.
nars has great eyeliner.
tough candy has great glittery stuff.
and mac have alott of good like everything.
I love stila brand makeup. It ranges from around 10-70 dollars. It gives you a fresh look.
For a less expensive type, Avon have really wonderful makeup. It it very affordable and blends well. I use this most frequently. Prices for this can compass from $5-30
i have adjectives sorts of stuff but i like the 'natural collection' stuff its really cheap but good.
bad fairy is a great choice- everything is one dollar and the color pay off for the eyeshadows are vivid But the casing is horrible- things break easily - this girl i know brought elf lipgloss and the wand come off. But quality is moral

maybelline- 3-10 dollars- everything on this line is great and has better element than elf. I love their foundation and eyeshadow

estee lauder- i have their eyeshadow and it ultimate such a long time and they make really good colors (about 15 dollars a shadow) Their mascara is great too- no clumps or smudges unless u touch ur lashers. (about 24 dollars) The with the sole purpose reason why i have this is bc my mom buys their expensive facade cream and they gave her a gift (eye shadow, lipstick, brushes, lipgloss, and mascara

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