What's the best brand of Folic Acid? HELP...?

I was looking on pharmacies websites...
i saw this stuart brand that costs like 30 dollars plus TAX.
Theres GNC brand that have 800mg of folic acid, (the same as stuart, but stuart has other supplements) and the GNC costs resembling 4 dollars.
Anyone has taken it and can tell me the best brand? PLEASE!
folic acid, is folic acid....adjectives you're paying for is the "BRAND NAME" and not the vitamin.
I don't know if within is a "best" brand necessarily. It is up to you. Maybe ask your doctor what they recommend? If it were me I would by the GNC brand. I just give somebody a lift a pre-natal that has folic acid surrounded by it.
I whip a prenatal vitamin that has the folic acid right surrounded by it. But you can just take regular vitamins beside the folic acid separately too... I suppose it depends on whether you want to take two pills :) Stuart brand vitamins are pricey. I wouldn't move about generic because some add fillers to the pills (they save money that way) as unwilling the name brands. GNC seems fine to me. Try Nature Made too. I looked contained by to that brand when I was shopping for vitamins myself. Best of luck to you and lots of baby dust!!

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