Best liquor for straight shots?

Going to pick up a bottle after work but haven't had any hard surrounded by awhile. Mostly a beer drinker, will probably take a few shots with some beers tonight and would resembling to know what to pick up. Was thinking along the lines of perhaps vodka, tequila or maybe gin. For vodka thinking along of the lines of ciroc or ketal, for tequila Cuervo(all other devout brands julio, cabo are out of price range), for gin tanqueray or bombay. Open to suggestions, just no whiskey please.
shots of Gin?? Gin is good to sip or mix next to tonic

if you are doing shots, you do not need to go lofty end since you are drinking it fast.

Go mid echelon vodka and do lemon drops

or Jim Beam is good for shots. Not to expensive and relatively smooth

so try these....

cranberry juice
....adjectives mixed together you got redheaded slut

jagerbombs...jager and redbull
Tuaca bombs are also good

vodka, watermelon pucker and sweet & sour...yummm (watermelon kamikaze)

gin is a bit dry, but every savour is different

Cuervo shots, duh, but it is good with peach or watermelon beside pineapple

you can get a shaker, shake them over ice and strain into shot goggles, really easy Source(s): been a bartender for 5 years:)
If you can take it, Sailor Jerry's Rum.
Vodka- Hangar One. I think it tastes channel better than Grey Goose, and they use natural flavors in their vodka. I love the Mandarin flavor.

Tequila- Sauza Hornitos. I love this tequila more than Patron. The finish is great and I believe it's the cheapest tequila out nearby that is 100% agave.

Gin- Bombay Sapphire! Whatever you do, stay away from wet gin, it's unlikeable.
Tequila - Cuervo isn't bad. 1800 is better.
Vodka - Absolut and Smirnoff both make like mad of good flavors, or you can just bring 'plain' vodka. Those brands are decently affordable - more so than Grey Goose/Ketel One.

Shots of gin? ick.
Gin is a little rough to do as a shot, but we used to chill a devout brand, like Tangueray or Old Bombay, and then put it contained by the shot glass with an olive and a bit of olive liquid. Source(s): Have you considered Jell-O shots?
cuervo all hours of daylight!
Tequila - mezcal beneva anejo - around 25$
Vodka - grey goose around 30$
Rum - bacardi gold ingots - around 20$
Gin - Seagram Gin Lime Twisted around 18$
Ice cold vodka, Skky is good enough, simply keep it in the freezer, it will not freeze, and hit the shots when you are organized.

By the way Nightline did a blind taste examination and 99% of those surveyed could not tell Grey Goose from Smirrnoff. Skky is better than Smirrnoff for less of a droop over headache.
when I go out I do shots of tequila and bailey's

i be aware of REAL good after a few of those!!
i was going to utter Jager, but since that's out... how about Rumpleminz (not sure how to spell)
tequila! tequila! tequila!
for straight liquor-try Seagram's Extra Smooth vodka. the christen says it all. you can chill this vodka, and certainly take straight shots of it. it's pretty inexpensive (around the price of smirnoff or svedka) i promise, one shot of this, and you'll never drink the expensive or "highly known" describe brand vodkas again.
jager!!or sambuca
liquid cocaine.

Liquid Cocaine Shot

1/2 ounce Peppermint Schnapps
1/2 ounce Jagermeister
1/2 ounce 151 Proof Rum
Mix alcohol in a cocktail shaker beside cracked ice, and strain into a shot glass.
smirnoff vodka
Dr.'s Menthol Schnapps

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