What is the best 40 cal pistol brand surrounded by the marketplace? base on reliabilty, sanctuary, shrink.?

I agree with most of the other posts, Sig, Para, Springfield,etc. Take a look at STI as well. They are not capably known but they are pretty good too. Wilso also make a fine 1911 in 40S&W. They are great guns but not cheap.
There are several brands out there that are more than exceptional. Springfield's XD series take the best of the 1911 frame and puts them in a composite Glock clone, very nice weapon. The Ruger P-Series is also a pious choice. Beretta has the new Px4 Storm which also unbelievably nice and is the standard issue now for the Maryland State Police. And lastly you have Glock. If you categorically, positively want it to go 'Bang' every time you pull the trigger - nought beats a Glock. They are simple to maintain, natural to clean, tons of aftermarket parts and modifications available.

Also, if you want something more, go near the Glock 20 in 10mm. A 10mm is like a .40 cal magnum. You can also seize a .40 barrel for $100 and use the same frame and voila...immediately you have a .40 cal. You can also get a .357Sig firkin for the Glock 20. Basically, for $800 you have 3 different guns. You can't do that with the other pistols.
I am a Glock man bur you can not go wrong by buying a Glock, Smith or Sig. The vast majority of directive enforcement officers that pack .40's carry one of these three. Beretta is suitable too as are Springfield or Para Ordnance. Any reputable manufacturer will do in vocabulary of function. Your personal preference is what matters. Go to the local band if you have on and shoot a few boxes in several different models, this will point you surrounded by a direction.
I like my Springfield Armory XDs. Sig, Ruger, Beretta, Taurus are adjectives good brands. The only 40s I enjoy shot though are Smith and Wesson and I do not either of them. I prefer 9mm and .45acp and Smith and Wesson autos are garbage.

I am going on what I own shot/owned in the past and present.

Good Luck

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GLOCK!! you cant go wrong with one!!
actually, any of the top manufacturers similar to S&W, Sig, Glock, Ruger etc all make severely reliable pistols. Although most of us have a favorite brand (or 2) it boils down to personal choice when it comes time to decide what YOU estimate is best.
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Smith & Wesson or Ruger. Source(s): Professional Handgunner
I like the beretta 90-two, i never hold had a problem with it however! I am looking to get a smith & wesson M&P, i have hear really good stuff about them, but never hold shot it!
I like xd's and glock's both shoot very relable protection pistols Good Luck..
Okay, first rotten, name

It is NOT called 40 cal. 40 cal simply funds 'a bullet with a diameter of .4 inches. 10mm, 40S&W, 38-40, 404 Jefferies, 400 Cor-bon, 41 Action Express, are all "40 cal"

What you want is 40S&W, which stands for Smith and Wesson. The FBI considered necessary somethign more powerful than the 45acp, so the 10mm auto was invented, but it recoiled too much for the FBI agents, so Smith and Wesson redesigned it adjectives the case smaller and using smaller primers, and ended up next to something that basically splits the difference between 45acp and 9mm. Because it came from such a powerful parent, some folks call upon the 40S&W the "Short and Weak" but aside from the ribbing, it is an excellent round

For every action nearby is an equal and opposite reaction. The performance is the exploding gunpowder which pushes the bullet one way and the gun the other. All 40S&W handguns will baulk the same, based on what ammo is mortal used. Now, recoil can feel a bit different based on how heavy of a gun it is firing from. Heavy guns will move slower during cringe, this will make the kick discern a little more like a push than a punch. However, the biggest factor within recoil is to get a gun that fits your foot well. If you have regular atmosphere sized hands like most males between the largeness of 5'8" and 6'2" no need to worry.

In guns close to the rest of the world, you get what you pay for. Any cross brand firearms manufacturer is going to produce a reliable and safe handgun. It is simply decide how much you want to spend.

A short list of good candidate are Sig 229 H&K USP 40 and USP compact 40, Glock 22, Glock 23, Smith and Wesson MP 40, Steyr M1A 40, Springfield XD 40, Walther P99 40SW, etc etc.

http://www.gundirectory.com/body.asp?gun… 10 pages of different 40SWs
**** star for rating
Glock 23. Source(s): own and take.
If you have a boat load of money to spend you can't move about wrong with the Para Ordanance Todd Jerrett Signature .40. (MSRP $1729)

If you don't have those sorts of bucks to spend look at the Springfield XD. Which retails for almost one thousand dollars less than the Para.

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