Underwear grill (BOYS ONLY)?

what kind and brand do u wear please
trying to decide because going through puberty and haveing like mad of erections and its really enoying in the middle of the day next to all of the girls wacthing.
no scam answers please realluy want real answers
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I can't speak about you which is best for you I can tell you what I like the most.
I wear briefs, ftl or hanes. I approaching them because they feel comfortable. They also help stash erections better than boxers.
A lot of people like boxers briefs, but I haven tried them.
No one can say which type of underwear is best as it is a subjective question, but I can make a contribution my opinion based on experience. Briefs will conspicuously hide an erection better than any other type of underwear. Point your boy up and it will hide underneath your fly. Boxerbriefs come contained by second and will hold your goods fairly close to your body. I wear boxers day after day and am used to being loose. It's very undercooked that i get erect when out in public, but it have happened when I've worn mesh gym shorts with boxers. It tented so severly that within was no way to obscure it other than to hold my back pack within front of my crotch. A few minutes later, everything was fine and I go about my business.
i think joe boxer briefs are the best cause theyr a bit tight. but they dont afford an wedgies. an they are tight enough that even if you get stiff nobody can interest it. even without doing anything. they are so comfortable you barely even know ther in that
it is best to wear boxer breifs. If you're at school sitting contained by class and you get an erection and you're wearing boxers then your penis will bulge out because boxers are loose and they bring in your penis hang so that causes your penis to bulge. Wear boxer briefs and when you get up up in the morning pull your penis up and wear a long shirt simply in case it falls. Boxer briefs are the better choice. They're tight, comfortable, and they in recent times straight up look good.
it all depends on if you close to tight underwear or loose. I wear boxers now and get erections but its not clear to erections that i get through the day since it is guided down my leg. But you can wear boxer briefs, i also hold these...i like them more because they are tighter and then can hold adjectives of your stuff allowing you to be more active. I wear fruit of the loom and hanes as brands.
I dont think that you own to wear just one type of underwear only. I typically recommend boxers because I think that they are comfier so you could go to bed surrounded by ur boxers at night and wear boxer briefs during the day to give a hand hide erections. Jope I helped.
Boxers are the best; they're loose fitting, airy, and comfortable.
I individually prefer BVD brand boxers.

Hope I helped.
There is deeply of comfortable underwear out there. Boxers will trap your erection against your leg making your erection more evident. Briefs will allow your erection to grow up against your stomach and stash it more.
get some Hanes boxer briefs
they are very comfortable they mask un wanted erections really easily the comfort soft waist strip is good
If your a little self concise roughly your size they will give you some support
and they don't look half fruitless
i reccomend boxers...
get them kinda big so that ur penis has room for when u enjoy an erection
when wearing underwear - briefs, keeping everything in place is nice, I'd rather wear nought then boxers, right now though it's strictly briefs as the method of foreskin restoration I'm doing requires it
boxer briefs, theyre comfortable and if your'e trying to hide an erection its pretty easy...brans-fruit of the loom, or any cotton open-handed... http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.d…
Briefs are better because they have more control within that area where as boxers agree to you hang loose. Also ware loose pants so it would be smaller quantity noticeable.
It depends on what you like. Boxers are unquestionably less constricting and a little cooler within the summer. But if you're having and issue with erections contained by public, briefs might handle that situation a little better. They're tight satisfactory that an erection won't be noticeable, where boxers might freshly let it tent up.
Why wear underware? Go Commando! Save Money and TIME!
Tight thongs.
no no no not undewear thats for nerds! use boxers!
which are kinda approaching shorts!
i got tight hollister boxer briefs, they are tight enough to hold your dick down.lol
don't pull your penis to the side to cast a shadow on your erection, as this can lead to your penis being forever curved to that side
i agree with flash only i put mine running down or agenst my leg

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