What do the colored dots on the bottom of Coors Light can show?

Sometimes they are on other brands as well, like Bud Light Cans.

I own heard it refers to the quality, but I dont really believe that, because why would the companies blantanly administer a system that tells which beer can is better/worse than the next.
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As far as i can find the dots on the bottom of a can of beer tell what batch it came from. and perchance when it was canned. It also may explain to you who made the can.
It's freshly to test that all of the inks used to color the can are man used correctly. The bottom of the can is scanned and if all colors are correct the can should be labeled correctly.
It is somthing they do in the warehouse or factory to seperate types and locations , like age . Its diffrent everywhere u dance.

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