What's the best kind/brand of litter to use for a Chihuahua?

Hello! I have a 4 and a half month hold chihuahua. Since I get him I've been working on litter training him.

I use my storage room as the litter room. Removed the door and everything so he has flowing access. He always goes within there.. just not other in the litter! He'll pee and poo around his litter box but rarely surrounded by it.

Currently I'm using "Puppy Go Potty". It's pebbles that are made of recycled paper. I try to clean it out as recurrently as possible cause he only uses it when it's verbs. Problem is that with that stuff, since it doesn't expand it's hard to see where on earth is soiled.

I'm wondering what the best kind of litter is for a Chihuahua. I've read a lot almost clumping clay cat litter but I'm hesitant cause I've read that it's fruitless for animals to use the clay litter (damaging to their respiratory systems if they breathe in the dust). So I'm looking for a little assistance here!

Any suggestions are welcome!
Hint HInt.....your dog is not a cat.
You do not need litter. Why not simply paper train him?
Hi! Please, do NOT listen to the other people, it is newly as easy to litter train a dog as it is a cat, if not easier! I would suggest seeing your vet more or less doggie litter brands - because, truthfully, there aren't many out near. And it is a growing problem for litter-trained dogs out there- that their litter can't clump, therefore, their accidents aren't drastically visible. Here is what I suggest: You can buy one of those automatic scooping litter boxes. You know, the ones that brush accidents to the side, within a container. However, you should do that after you get a new litter suggested by your vet. I choice you and your puppy the best of luck, and I hope I've helped!
This does not sound close to it would work. Dogs are a lot harder to toilet train. As a matter of reality most cats/ kittens don't need training to use the litter it is a natural instinct to bury their business lol. But I deduce your dog would be better with paper training. Keep him within an confined area and take him outside as soon as you see him peeing as this should endow with him the idea to go outside. Wish you luck though :) PS I never have trouble with clumping cat litter as my last cat lived til she be twenty and never had lung problems :)

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