What is the difference between Crest toothpaste and Colgate toothpaste?

Which brand is better? I am not american and I even can't distinguish them. Any answer will be appreciated.
I am seriously not trying to be difficult, but the consumer report says Aquafresh Extreme Clean is the best!
The name, they're basically equal. Maybe something to make them taste different but they're give or take a few the same in respect to what they do.
Both of these brands are extremely popular, and effective. Now it is just a concern of preference. I personally approaching Colgate because I find Crest dissolves too quickly (I'm a very messy teeth-brusher).

Try them both, and see what you similar to.
I love Colgate! We give out Crest at our bureau, and we all wish we have Colgate. It makes your teeth feel sooo verbs!

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