What's the best store bought brand of highlights?

I have dark brown curls and this summer I want to put light blue highlights in my bottom vein of my hair and i wanted to know if near was a really good brand of store bought highlights of if i should a short time ago go to the salon. I wouldn't do it myself, I would get a friend to do it, if that help.
i really like the pantene highlights but loreal have some good ones too you can also go to ur hackle stylist they usually have some pretty good ones lemme know what you resolve on
You have to first bleach that hair and later dye it blue. Difficult process, probably 99% chance of messing it up. Then your out the money of paying to get it fixed (which costs more than only having it done in the first place) plus the cost of the store bought product. Cough up the money and reward to get it done, save up if you enjoy to. If you cant afford a salon, go to a salon school, one where on earth professional teachers are supervising.
progress to a salon =XX
I would go to a beauty supply store and buy bleach and developer. Once your fleece is lightened, then put on a blue color such as Manic Panic.
Good Luck!
i wouldn'tt do it at home my friend did it once they turn outreallyy bad and it justdoesntt look right i prefer for you to go to the salon its a short time ago my opinon.

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