L'oreal Paris or Nice n' Easy?

I'm planning on colouring my hair dark brown right since school starts in September and I be wondering what brand works better and reasons why it works better would be great too :) If there's another brand you use and would like to recommend to me consequently I'll look into that too. Thx lots :D
ive used nice & easy and it didnt come across to cover my hair very resourcefully so i wont use it again .i now use l'oreal and it covers alot better. my favorite is the feria brand it covers great ,leaves your hair will a elegant shine& lasts a long time.also the shade on the box is most accurate to what youll get.
Hi , Ive colored my hackle with both Loreal and Nice n easy. I hold found no difference then the price. I prefer L'Oreal cuz i luv high brand crap but if your savin sum dosh up i would stick to nice asnd easy. They both stay a long time and give a nice color but if your trying to cover up your roots or stash a color then do L'oreal -:P
nice and easy
Natural Instincts. It doesnt break your hair.
I SUGGGEST LOREAL PARIS! um i have used loreal paris and it worrks great! it covered my hair next to full colorr and it should definitly work for u! it doesnt leave hair undermined 2 so u wont have any dry damaged pelt. it will leave your hair a severely natural touch and feel! i hope i help! good luck! :) :) btw loreal paris colors your roots and brings a great shine to ur hair!

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