Best home perm brand?

What is the best brand/type of at home perming stuff?

Please , please, please do not say to go to a professional. I don't hold the $$ to & am not looking for it to be curly. I always put my hair contained by 2 braids to dry overnight & take them out in the morning to hold a pretty wave. It gets to be a agony in the butt to constantly do this, so, I want to perm it.

When I was younger, my mom used Toni and permed it this track (putting it in the braids instead of the rollers) but, I'm not sure if there's something better on the market in a minute.

What gets the job done beside minimal damage (I know perming damages your hair) and controls the level of frizz? Does the foam one's really control frizz better than the soft?

Any and all serious help (that doesn't lately say to go to a salon) is much appreciated !
I similar to oglvie or Toni.

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