Makeup for woman aged 65?

I want to learn about perfect makeup for my age (65) and tips on how to apply. When I makeup my face I look "washed out". I would resembling to know what are best brands for me (white woman with slightly olive skin)
O.k., When you use eyeliner, apply to the lash line, on top, and bottom of your eye. When you use mascara, a moment ago brush it on.. For more help, just jump on the link below. Hope this helped. :) Source(s):
Try going to one of the better priced make-up counters contained by a department store and ask them, they can also give you a make-over to see if you like their products. They can reccomend the correct colour foundation etc and get hold of things suitable for mature skin.
Bare Escentuals is a great brand. It is a healthy alternative to the usual creamy makeup most wear. The ingredients are all natural minerals which will not clog pores. Their foundation (Bare Minerals) is superior to any other and a bit goes a long way. The brand might give the impression of being a little pricey at first glance, but it really last a long time and once you try it, you will never go back to regular foundation. All you do is put a short time in the lid of the jar, swirl the brush around in the lid, stroke off excess and apply in a circular motion around your obverse. It literally feels like you are not wearing makeup, however, it give GREAT coverage and lasts all sunshine. It makes your face look almost flawless but compared beside the liquid foundations and the old powder types, you discern like you're wearing nothing. It's really strange but true! They hold a fantastic selection of colors to choose from. The following link will transport you to Bare Escentuals foundation page where you can see all their shades.… After looking at their shade colors, click on the shade selector button and view 15 diverse women to see if one of them is close to your tone. I think this will be amazingly helpful as there is a description of the tone subsequent to each face and the shade that go along with it. Also, just so you know, their concealer is fabulous and glib to apply. I totally recommend the bisque multi tasking minerals which is really a fantastic concealer along with the foundation, at least to start. Great coverage.They enjoy starter kits to purchase which makes it more afordable, and give you everything necessary including the brushes. You can view a "how to apply" video at the following contact which will be good for you and extemely helpful. Watch it and see. If it seem to good to be true, it is not. Trust is wonderful! The link to see the video is:… Hope this be helpful! Good luck and God bless!
Try Bear Escentuals or Jane Aredale.

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