Ammo for Taurus 1911 .45 acp?

Hi. I'm getting a Taurus 1911 .45 acp for self-defense purposes. I don't want to shoot this gun with bad ammo any.
Does this gun shoot +P bullets, and if so,
What is the best ammo for self defense? How come the best ammo isn't necessarily mean higher grain? I always assumed more gun powder grains=more power. I want bullets that are really powerful.
Also, what ammo should I avoid? The guy at 'Cabelas' told me to stay away from Wolf, and to stick to only one brand of ammo. Is this pious advice? Thanks!
I think that you have some great information here from the others who posted. My two cents worth is this: find ammo that works within your firearm and become proficient with it. I shoot/carry a 9mm because that is what uncle sam issues me. When I train beside other agencies I always get the erudite guy who talks all the "ballistic" benefits of this or that round/gun combination. I own yet to have one of these so call experts take me up on my offer: "team leader or chest?" I would suppose that when faced with the truth of an "underpowered" 9mm penetrating their vital organs, they come across to loose their "ballistic expertise". I also recently purchased the same firearm that you enjoy, and have been fortunate contained by the past to own other brand .45 ACPs, listen to the info that the other posters gave you and experiment to find the superlative combination. As one older warrior told me long ago: you can kill a man near a sledge hammer, but an ice pick works only as well. Good luck, great practice, and I sincerly hope that all your rounds come to rest on target!


Grain is a measurement of cargo for the bullet. It is a very small measurement. There are 437.5 grain in an ounce or 7,000 grains surrounded by a pound. The grains for a bullet has nil to do with powder or charge. However, lighter bullets (less grains) have a difficult velocity, flatter trejectory and generally less access than heavier slower bullets.


The truth is the very best ammo is generally market only to law enforcement. Almost every through ammunition manufacturer (i.e. Hornady, Federal, Winchester and etc.) developed ammunition superior to their civilian counterparts specifically for law enforcement. Although these manufacture claim that their civilian or personal defense rounds are equivalent they are NOT!

The good news is that although these manufacture have adopted policies to prevent direct sale or dealers from selling to civilians it is not the law. There are lots boutique shops who sell the law enforcement ammunition to civilians by making bulk purchases from ammunition manufacture and re-selling to law enforcement agencies. The additional inventory explicitly not sold can than be resold to the public.


What makes a good self-defense nouns?

The answer to that question is that ammo should meet the FBI's requirement of:
1) at smallest 12" of penetration in properly prepared ballistic gelatin/soft tissue, and
2) expand to the largest diameter possible surrounded by order to cause the largest possible wound.

Expanding hallow points create the largest diameter wound channel. That is why they are generally preferred over FMJ (full metal jackets). The only significant benefit of the FMJ is its narrowed nose feeds more reliably into most semi-automatic handgun. When selecting hallow point bullets you will need to extensively theory test that specific load through your pistol as hallow point bullets construction are different between manufactures.


The best defending bullet for the 45 ACP is a 230 grain hallow point.

The best loads for hallow points that expand to the largest diameter and meet the 12” access requirement are: (all law enforcement grade)

Winchester Ranger-T 230gr JHP (RA45T)
Winchester Ranger-T 230gr JHP +P (RA45TP)

Federal Tactical 230gr JHP (LE45T1)
Federal HST 230gr +P JHP (P45HST1)
Federal HST 230gr JHP (P45HST2)
There are also a few 185 gr bullets that meet these requirements and are:
Barnes XPB 185gr HP (45185) loaded by:
Cor-Bon (DPX45160)
Taurus (TCB45ACP185HP)

The best nouns for hallow points that expand with more consistent penetration through multi-layer denim experiment and soft barriers is:

Speer Gold Dot 230 gr JHP (23966)

Speer Gold Dots are fully bonded bullets that offer well brought-up penetration and expansion performance when ratification through soft barriers.

Lastly one popular defensive nouns that is not up to par is the Federal Hydra-Shocks. Although Hydrashocks do expand, the expanded diameter is very small and inconsistent.


When it comes to practice ammunition across the world the most important factors are price, cleanliness (if required by an indoor range), reliability and reload ability/brass (if reloading). The far-reaching thing here is that your skills and accuracy next to the firearm will imporve with the amount of experience and number of rounds you fire through your pistol.


There is a plethora of information regarding tactical loads and their superiority over civilian counter parts. More importantly, when it comes to shot-shell and rifle ammunition these differences are lately as great. Take for example Federal Flight Control Buck Shot. These shotgun shells are truly revolutionary with their tight flight patterns. Another example is Hornady’s 5.56 TAP for personal protection. Compared to the Hornady Tatical 5.56 the powder and velocity are different and superior to the 5.56 TAP.

Personally the defensive loads I keep contained by my 45 are Federal HST with every other round being a Speer Gold Dot. To me this provides the greatest flexibility for any situation.


In conclusion, in attendance are no magical bullets and shot placement trumps all. However, when it comes to bullets I still want every advantage no business how marginal. Source(s): Best Site for Researching Defensive Loads:…

Poor Hydra Shock Performance:…

Federal Law Enforcement Ammunition:
(Contains studies and comparisons)

Examples of HST workshop Info:…
first off, buying +P ammo is basically a waste of money. The .45acp was designed to fire a life-size bullet at slow speeds (800+FPS). the reason for this is that a large slow moving bullet will verbs more energy to the bad guy, which cause much more damage than does a smaller, faster bullet, that tends to outdo thru without imparting satisfactory energy to destroy tissue etc.
As fo what ammo to use? for practice shoot 230 pellet ball ammo. This is the weight bullet that the firearm be designed for. And even hitting a person with simply 230 grain ball leaves a devastating wound. But, to ensure unadulterated knock down power, use 230 grain hollow point ammo.
some of the better performing rounds are Hornady TAP, Federal Hydra shok, Corbon, speer Gold dot etc.
The interview is, will your firearm chamber HP ammo reliably. Some pistols have a rough feed ramp that can incentive HP ammo to hang up and not feed properly. The cure for this is to own your pistols feed ramp polished. But before you shift to that trouble, try a couple of different brands of HP ammo. If they work reliably, stick with that brand.
Taurus quality runs hot and cold. Some of their firearms are great, others hold a lot of problems. They do have a lifetime warranty, but be prepared for a continue of several months before you get it rear. They have a long line of firearms surrounded by for repair ahead f you. 4 months turn around is not un expected from them.
Although I have used many calibers and types of handgun over the years,
I'm a .45 fanatic, and have carried one for more than 30 years, both on and rotten duty. I carry a compact pistol in .45acp to this daytime for CCW.
hope this helped.
shoot safe Source(s): Retired Police Officer
NRA certified police firearms instructor
Competition shooter (ret)
Avid hunter since age 9 near:
Black powder firearms
Modern rifles
Trained at S&W, COLT and GLOCK Armorer schools
I specialize in building 1911 pistols and AR 15 rifles
And run a gun shop for many years

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