Best talent jeans for pear shape?

Regardless of price, what are the best brand of jeans that are durable and more fitting for a person with a smaller waist but larger thighs?
Go to goodwill or Salvation Army some thrift store and look for AE jeans and Designer stuff. They usually enjoy designer for cheap.
American Eagle jeans are wonderful.

I'm a pear shape, too. Look for a dark wash jeans. if you want your legs to look leaner and longer, wear jeans that are floor length and wear heels beside them.

Charlotte Russe has a good screening, too, sometimes, though. Sometimes, Hollister as well.

Forever 21! LOVE this place. :] And the prices aren't too bad. The most expensive jeans I found in attendance were $30. Most jeans are about $20ish.

Apple Bottums...They are made for curvy bodies Ok..big
Found surrounded by Macy's...JCPenny's...Sears..etc.
i loveeee american eagle

but if ur a mom ther called not my daughters jeans at nordstrom

ask someone at a department store theyll b able 2 a enlighten u =D

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