What is the best and worst brand of kitty litter?

Does the color changing soil litter work?

Please specify what you think is best or worst
I personally focus the worst is the kind you can flush down the toilet, it clogs the toilet and would get stuck surrounded by my cats paws so they would walk around next to it and then lay down and pull the litter out and start out it all over the house. Completely disgusting!
I own tried several kinds of brands, and I mean LOTS. The one I found thats awesome is one you return with at Aldi called Fine Feline. Theres no dust, it clumps good, and the litter itself is a really small pellet. My cat wont go in anything else, the larger stuff I give attention to hurts his paw pads, and the smaller grain wont stick between his little toes. I put a rug below his box to catch it as he gets out (just shake it over the trash can). I join some baking soda to it when I change it. We've had him surrounded by the new apartment for near three months immediately and have yet to smell a box!
So call flushable litters will RUIN your plumbing over time.

We use Tidy Cat Scoopable litter for Multi cat households & have no problems with it. I serving spoon every day & we have a rug below the box that the cats walk on.

My cats don't like anything next to perfume or fragrance added to it & they also don't like the crystals in some cat litters.
Fine Feline, Fresh Step and Cats Meow by far the best!
The best I enjoy tried is clumping Fresh Step with odor eliminating carbon. The worst is regular non-clumping clay litter (this second one stinks up the entire place after only 1 use, so you have to basically throw it away and rinse the litter box every day)
I really like Fresh Step clumpable litter. It makes it smooth to scoop out. I also use these special litter liners that own tiny holes in the bottom so you just sift them out and don't even own to scoop! It sifts the unused litter out into the next liner below it, and keep the clumped up litter in the liner you are about to dispose of.

What can I vote, I like to work smarter not harder :)
I don't care for any kind of clumping litter. I have to use it with my last cat who peed approaching a racehorse, and I was always have to clean the cement out from between her paw pads. Perhaps it wouldn't be that unpromising for cats who pee in normal amounts....

I also insufferable the small grit that got underfoot. At least beside clay litter you can see the pieces.

I now have a longhair near a saggy belly and I can only imagine the mess I'd own to clean up. I can just see adjectives the litter stuck to her belly and bloomers.

As for brands, I've used Yesterday's News which I stopped using because I didn't care for the way it crumbled into a obnoxious powder. It did nothing for odor control either.

I'm presently using Fresh Step. First the clay and I'm also using some of their crystal stuff. I'm happy enough near both products and I may continue mixing them together to get anything benefits I can from both.

The girls seem ok with this as in good health.
I have used every munificent of litter there is. I still wish my little pound declawed rescue kitty be alive. I taught her to use the toilet in 3 wks and I never have to buy litter after that. It just aggravates me to buy litter now.

I very soon run a cat rescue group and we get in donated litter of every genus. I'm giving you my personal experience with the different kinds of litter described below.

Clumping: This is by far the best type of litter over any other type of litter. When I buy litter I bring back the 40# box of the Petsmart brand unscented clumping litter in the purple box, pour all of it into a big clear plastic storage box (3'H x 2'W x 3'D). I serving spoon morning and evening, the clumping litter encapsulates the liquid, it covers the solids, there is no smell, and once you dipper out the stuff the rest of the litter is clean.

Cheap Clumping Litter: Cheap clumping litter doesn't clump very in good health. When you scoop up the encapsulated ball of fluid it breaks apart, leaving behind pieces which will next start to contaminate the clean litter. Also, the cheaper the litter more dust you'll have contained by your home.

Scented litter: clumping or non-clumping: people like the aromatic stuff, cats hate it so I always use unscented. Dont' want to embezzle the chance that one day - one time - that one cat will bear an aversion to the scent.

Corn: I have had some cats chomp through the corn litter and then they got blocked. Sounds crazy, but if you infer about it there is corn surrounded by their food so why wouldn't they eat the litter? Corn is corn to them. And by the way, Corn within cat food is a cheap filler, corn does not contain protein. Cats are carnivores and they need protein in their diet.

Newspaper: great stuff, used chiefly for cats after they are declawed. I liked it for odor control until the paper pellet break up, then it is just messy showery newspaper and the ink comes off on their fur. Very easier said than done to get newspaper ink sour of a white cats fur...

Citrus: citrus is what we use to keep cats AWAY from areas, as cats hate the smell of orange/lemon/lime... whoever thought of this stuff doesn't own cats.

Pine: I close to the fresh pine smell, but after a few days, the wet pee'd on pine stinks.
Again the pellets will break up once they draw from wet, which makes it difficult to serving spoon the poo out, and the cats feet carry the sawdust adjectives over the house.

Non-clumping clay: Johnny Cat Muliple Cat is the best, almost every other brand has a lot of dust, or it may contain those silly crystals which are supposed to soak up the urine, which you are paying the price for.

Attract: There aren't ample words in any language to express my gratitude to the dude who come up with this stuff. A blend of botanicals (catnip maybe?) that welcome those wayward furry behinders back to the box. You can also purchase the Attract botanicals within a bottle and then sprinkle this stuff on whichever litter you use to get impossible to tell apart results, i.e. pee and poo back in the box.

Litterboxes: I know you didn't ask, but I'm giving you my personal experience next to some of the pans anyway.

Covered: Have you ever used one of those outdoor bathroom facilities that they own at State Fairs, concerts, parades, etc.? Then you know how bad they smell inside, so much so that you hold to hold your breath. Well your kitty feels the same channel in a covered litterbox. The long haired cats need room to turn around and covered boxes really restrict their movements.

Hope this help.

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