I'm allergic to latex condoms what should I do?

I'm allergic to latex so normal condoms don't work for me. Non latex condoms really suck because they feel similar to nasty inch thick plastic. Is in attendance any good brands for non latex condoms that feel appropriate? If so where can I get some free non latex condoms?
get birth control pills,or dont own sex
Some those prefer certain materials and textures when it comes to choosing the best condom. By far the most advanced condom bits and pieces is a medical polyurethane called Microsheer, which is thinner and stronger than latex. Microsheer condoms are a little pricier, but they're worth every dime for the added sensation that they licence.

Curiously, certain fruits such as bananas, chestnuts, kiwi fruit, avocado and tomatoes show cross-reactivity, perhaps because of resemblance to a latex protein component.
Some other sources of latex:
Urinary catheters
Face mask
Adhesive tape
Wound drains
Injection ports
Electrode pads
Rubber syringe stoppers and medication vial stoppers
Bulb syringes
Mattresses on stretchers
Dental devices
Stethoscope and blood pressure cuff tubing
Ambu loads
PCA syringes
Condoms and diaphragms
Rubber bands
Shoe soles
Toys, Sports equipment
Carpet backing
Feeding nipples and pacifiers
Clothing, including springy on underwear
Food handled with powdered latex gloves
Handles on racquets, tools
Diapers, sanitary and incontinence pad
Computer mouse pads
Buttons on electronic equipment

use sheep skin condoms bring back them at the health dept. for FREE
I am too. Trojan makes polyurethane ones. They are more expensive but even if I didn't own a prob with latex I would use em (they are MUCH thinner but way durable and once in a while break). They are in a silver and gold box and can be rather difficult to find, Target is the best place.
I would recommend Trojan Supra or Durex Avanti condoms. They're made out of Polyurethane, are thinner than latex condoms, don't break as confidently, and (IMO) feel much better for him and her! You can get them surrounded by any drug store, they are a little more expensive and you might want to get some spermicidal lube to move about with them, but trust me it's much better than trying to have unprotected sex. Source(s): Personal experience using these.
Ignore iLove...he's markedly masterbating a lot .
If you're allergic to those kind of condoms, of late ask the chemist for non-allergenic...don't be embarrassed....they ain't gonna ask you or think just about your sex life!

I have the same problem and never found the answer. I am married now so don't use them.
I have to agree use the pill. 3 out of 5 condoms break and mete out pregnancy's.
You could call the 24 hour nurse column. They have registered nurses available to anonymously answer questions resembling this. Maybe they could help. The number is 1-877-825-5276. Good luck.
Are you a guy or a girl
They are not plastic, they are sheep intestine... lol

Don't have sex?

Contact latex/rubber clothing stores and explain that you are alergic to latex and do they put on the market and silicone clothing or especally silicone condoms...

Latex clothing stores really do know the market mest...

Also try RubberPal, they are an on line comunity of prople who approaching latex clothing. There are members who are looking for alergy workarounds... (It is free - http://www.rubberpal.com )

Best of luck...
maybe thats a sign you should save it for a really special guy!
Use KY jelly for the non latex
If you want condoms for free? Plan parenthood gives them out move about speak with them
not to be the carrier of impossible news...but their really isnt any!!so bout the only item you can do is give it a different way!SORRY SUCKS FOR YOU!!
Durex do a non latex condom.

The guy above talking about 3 out of 5 condoms breaking - specifically a downright lie - where the hell are you getting them from. Over ultimate 7 years have never ever had a condom break.

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