Value Time Brand Food at Giant eagle?

Anyone that has a Giant Eagle or Store that sells Value Time brand food around them own anyidea who does the "Value Time" brand stuff? I've been looking to see what others say on it (Personally I reason their cereals, and some stuff is actually in recent times as good as the stores brand) I wanted to know what company make Value Time Products? I can't find a legit review or even if anyone else out there outside my state has Value Time. Maybe its only just me but when I look up Value Time Products everthing BUT what I'm looking for appears!
It may not be that simple. Store brands can come various national brand maker depending on what it is. For instance maybe Value Time ketchup is made by Heinz (I'm not saying that it is) or their can fruits might be from Del Monte, etc. You'd have to search individual items.
their private label brands are not disclosed as to know akes them, but I do know they are from principal compamies,they are printed with their private labels to cutcosts, so finding out you'll proably never know unless you know a buyer from gianteagle.
I retired from in attendance a few years ago and tell you that their hams and bacon are made from sugardale foods in canton ohio, they put bids out wh the contract comes up and companies bid on the right to bring in them.
if anyone from canton oh. area you'll know sugardale makes a extraordinarily good product

I dont know who makes it but i love it

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