Is it okay to use different brand formulas?

I have 2 big cans of the Enfamil Lipil and 1 big can of the Similac Advanced. I also enjoy a bag of the Parent's choice formula and a bag of the Sam's club brand formula. They are ALL regular formulas (not soy or for allergies or anything). My son have regularly been using Good Start Supreme since I started him on it okay to use these other kinds of formulas? Does it concern that they are NOT the same brand? They are all sample that I got from the company's that make them. What are your experiences near doing this?

Thanks a lot.

(He has be on formula for about 3.5 months it is not a NEW item, if it matters)
I suggest sticking to one brand of formula and one kind only. It's severely hard on your babies tummy to keep switching. It could result in some problems

So whatever you have your newborn on right now, don't change it. Maybe try seeing if you can donate can of formula to goodwill, a church or even a pregnant friend. Source(s): Mommy of a 14 month old boy
I wouldn't give away the formula, yes, it can be hard on a young-looking infant to switch formulas, but after 6 months they usually have no problem with digesting and individual switched onto different formulas. After 6 months the only problem you may encounter is they may prefer one brand over another, but not all babies are approaching that. My son will drink any kind.

As long as they don't expire before your son turns 6 months, I would suspend onto them and use them then. Extra formula can be very handy at times!
It's best to breastfeed:)
I wouldn't do it, you'll end up with a miserable child. I thought it would be okay to go from Similac Soy to Good Start Soy, that's what WIC in my nouns provides, and they told me they were pretty much the same entry. I even looked at the ingredients and they were the same but showed no amounts per serving. The unmistakably were different because she did horrible on the Good Start, I don't think it be anything wrong with Good Start, she was lately used to the make up of Similac!
Come on... most of them are made from the same ingredients. My daughter Avary is on Good Start too. I'm short on cash - terribly - and I use what I have. There have be plenty of times I've given her the other types/brands of formulas. Yeah, I'm sure its best when they are newborns to no swithch around but by the time they are well onto solids their systems are pretty very well developed. Avary has never had a problem. I be a sign of, think about it, they are trying adjectives kinds of new cereal, foods, etc at this age, why would a slightly different formula cause any problems? Besides, last time I be at my peds office I had one of those coupons for a free token of formula you can get when your child is born, from the ped only. Well I breast feed for 6 months and forgot about the coupon. He knew she be on Goodstart and gave me a sample of The purple can of Enfamil. He said it be fine. Formula is formula (unless your baby has a VERY sensitive stomach or other issues.) Just use it. Hope this help! Cheers!
i would not hold on to switching formula it can upset babys tummy cause constipation, fussiness,etc..i was given a different formula brand later what i was using by a friend and instead of throwing it out i sold it on i hold money to buy the formula my daugher is used to and made some extra money....hope this helps! Source(s): mommy of 5 yr old and 5 month ancient
I use Parents Choice by WalMart. I enjoy used every type of formula you have listed. Parents Choice and the Sam's Club one are made by indistinguishable company. Similac Advanced is very similar to those. Enfamil Lipil is the different one. When you look at the formula, you will notice the difference. Parents Choice, Sam's Club, and Similac adjectives are a brighter yellow then Enfamil. I dont see switching between the 3 one a bad thing on your little one's tummy. Enfamil Lipil give my son gas and made him consitpated.
I have a bunch of the sample too. I have always hear to stick with one. The baby's digestive systems are so immature that a short time ago changing one little thing can make happen BIG problems. I just switched my daughter to Gentlease and that change alone made her constipated. She's doing better immediately but her Dr said their little systems don't handle change very well. Source(s): mommy to a 5 week old baby.
I wouldn't just even so. Switching brands could upset his tummy. I tried that with my daughter when she was around 4 months and we be both miserable.

She did do well when I gave her a different brand of formulas around 10-11 months (had a free token also) and she was fine. If your free samples don't expire anytime soon, I'd keep on a few months and try to give them to him then...once his tummy is used to different foods.
I had some sample and even though they were all impossible to tell apart kind of formula after just sooner or later of giving my little girl a different formula she was very upset and a great deal more fussy then usual. I have knowledgeable from that and will never switch again..
I would say wait until around 6 months before you use the different ones. But keep them! I know within has been times that we would run out of formula and didn't realize it till deferred at night. So we use those extras till we can get to the store.
when i changed my babies formula it made him quite sick and constipated for weeks, i was advise to do this from the health visitor and so wish i had not listened! I changed it support but it still took a few weeks to get back to common
It's unbelievably hard on their tummies to switch formulas. I'd stick to Good Start Supreme if you're not having problems beside it. Usually when parents start switching things up is when problems start and then when they go posterior to what worked before stops working. Give away your freebies to someone else.
Try it, and if you experience a problem consult your son's pediatrician.
I would talk to your pedi about it but I individually would stick to one formula. switching formulas all the time, even if they are all milk base, can definately upset a baby's stomach. Source(s): proud formula feeding mommy to a 5 month old babe girl =)

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