What is the "BEST" brand of Double A battery?

What is the "BEST" brand of Double A batteries?
Hey, I have an Ibanez Montage Acoustic Electric guitar and it requires 4 double a's, adn I be looking for a good brand, that lasting long, and possible Rechargeable(im NOT sure if my guitar take Rechargeable) so I'm prob. just look into these 2 brand:
and Energizer
which brand is better for long lasting time?

thanks :)
Duracell. it's trusted next to doctors, not some stupid bunny so obviously it wins!(: even though that bunny is a solid charmer..

but my digital camera just eats up battery, and Duracell always seem to closing the longest!
I used to always buy Energizer and Duracell.

But when I be on vacation in Vegas, my toothbrush mobile died. The hotel shop only carried Rayovac Alkaline Batteries. So I bought it. Usually my toothbrush goes on for 2 months next to one AA alkaline battery. But I didn't have to replace the Rayovac freestyle for over 3 months. So now I only buy Rayovac. The great article is it's usually cheaper than Energizer and Duracell, and I can usually find "bonus Packs" on sale at Target.
What ever is cheapest. Consumers Reports tests on batteries confirmed what I've other believed; There isn't enough difference to justify paying the complex price. Everready is usually cheapest and lasts as long as either one of the others. Source(s): Electronics tech.
Duracell Plus

they just keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going AND going.
Duracell. There batteries last for up to 4 yrs. I've used them for ever. they really work!
I believe you can use rechargeable in everything. I use ENERGIZER cause i believe they later longer for me anyway.
i'm not sure which brand we buy, but energizers finishing a long time. but we buy the rechargeable ones.
Energizer is the best.
Energizer Lithium!

Last longer than any other battery i have ever have!

Duracell, b/c they don't need a bunny to demonstrate how good their battery are.
Duracell rechargeable
ask the energizer bunny
Duracell...rechargeable if possible
I prefer Duracell, comparatively frankly.
Energizer because it keeps going and going. :) and they are rechargeable as well.
try the energizer rechargeables that come next to the charger.
energizer, but do not use rechargeable batteries they are NiCad and most instructions for busy pickups will tell you do not use NiCad batteries, alkaline solely. NiCad will induce too much impedance into the line and you will have to replace the pickups. I own a Ibanez 5 string bass and thats what the book says that came beside the bass. Spank the plank.
I'd pick Duracell if they didn't have a store brand. Store brands work just as resourcefully or better than name brands, it's been proven.
Energizer. i did a report on which one last longer and i got energizer. and they have the awesome energizer bunny for a amulet.
i use energizer rechargeable's in my camera and the first set of battery i bought lasted three years. so if you can use rechargeables i recommend energizer.
Energizer Bunny Source(s): ... It keeps going

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